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What his first day outfit (really) says about him

When it comes to us girls, every year is the same thing. We hit the mall to buy adorable back-to-school clothes, and we proceed to stare into our stuffed closest until the perfect first day OOTD jumps out at us. 
Yup, there’s no denying the effort we put into this ritual. But who’s to say we’re the only ones? Whether a guy is going all out or being #basic, his first day outfit always says a lot about him.
So, which guy do you think is your type? Flip through the slides and tell us in the comments below! 
  • 1_zac.jpg

    The style: Button up plaid and khaki pants


    Celeb inspo: Think Freddy from iCarly (or Zac Efron 24-sev)


    About him: This bro is super smooth around the edges. He’s your typical “nice guy,” and he’s not ashamed to admit it. He may be into going to a game, but he’s totally up for a cool rom-com, too. If you’re looking for a new BGF, then look no further.


    Pinned by: Sarah R.
  • 2_zyan.jpg

    The style: Band tee and skinnies


    Celeb inspo: Zayn Malik from 1D


    About him: OK, try not swoon. He’s definitely got the bad boy thing down pat, but chances are he’s a marshmallow in disguise (all the best rebels are!). Don’t be intimidated by his sixty shades of cool—strike up a convo about music or the latest longboard release and you guys will be buds (or maybe even more) in no time.


    Pinned by: Koala I.  

  • 3_Austin.jpg

    The style: Baggy tee and casual board-like shorts


    Celeb inspo: Austin Mahone on a chill day


    About him: Cue Demi Lovato, because this dude really don’t care—but hey, that could be a good thing! He’s fun-loving, free spirited, and obviously athletic. This guy is always down for a good time. And as for this year’s class clown, he’s got the spot on lock.


    Pinned by: Jessalyn

  • 4_Daniel.jpg

    The style: Cute cardi and Converse


    Celeb inspo: Daniel Radcliffe


    About him: Say hello to your new homework helper! This boy’s got brains, but don’t get it twisted­—geek chic is totally in. Sure, he probably doesn’t have chicks flocking around him 24-sev but that’s all the more reason to give him a second look. Whether you deem him crush-worthy or friendzoned, he’s definitely a dude you want to keep around.


    Pinned by: Sky S.  

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY LAURISE MCMILLIAN ON 8/25/2014 12:00:00 AM


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