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4 sneaky excuses to talk to the new boy in school



Who’s that new cutie you see roaming the hallways? It’s the boy everyone has been talking about, that’s who. Don’t be shy! He’s a new guy in a new school and needs a friendly face to show him the ropes. Use these excuses to get a convo going and we bet you’ll know more about this newbie soon.  


Offer to show him around

This guy is starting a new school, which means chances are he’s going to get lost. Be the friendly face who helps show him to his classes. While you two are walking, get him to open up a bit by asking him where he just moved from and something he’s looking forward to in his new surroundings. Top it off by asking if he needs anything else. This way he knows he can turn to you in any time of need.


Invite him to eat with you

While he doesn’t know soul, this cutie will be looking around the lunchroom clueless. Call him over and invite him to eat with you and your friends. This way he feels like he is included in a group. You know that saying the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Split your mom’s homemade cookies she packed for you as a special snack and we guarantee he’ll come back for seconds.


Get together for homework or a test

Have a big test coming up? Invite him over to study. Make a mixtape of your favorite tunes to play as background noise when you’re hitting the books. Just don’t blame us if you veer you off topic to talk about his favorite bands. When you’re wrapping up, offer the cutie a hard copy of the CD to take home with him. This way he’s reminded of you every time he hits play.


Sit next to him in class

When you walk into class and see him sitting there, just sit right next to him and introduce yourself. Try giving him inside tips on the school that he needs to know (like avoiding the cafeteria’s pizza at all costs) and teachers he’s going to love. Try to keep things as positive as possible because chances are he’d choose sitting next to a Positive Pretty over a Debby Downer any day.


What are some excuses you’ve used to talk to a new boy in class? Share in the comments below.

BY JILL ROBBEN ON 8/31/2014 12:00:00 AM


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