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  • 1_colorblocking.png

    Color blocking

    Color blocking is putting fields of colors together. So the next time you feel like your closet is becoming so boring, buy a few brightly colored items! Pink, blue and yellow never looked so good together.


    Boohoo Minnie Color Block Bodycon Dress, $40, boohoo.com

    J. Crew Vintage Cotton Jersey Pink T-shirt, $25, net-a-porter.com 

    Topshop Airtex Foam Mini Skirt, $76, Topshop.com 

    River Island Yellow Color Block T-shirt, $20, riverisland.com

    Green Topshop Shaped Hem Tee, $70, Topshop.com

    Pink New Look Vinnie Triple Strap Heeled Sandals, $48, asos.com 

  • 2_Preppy.png


    This look was made popular in the 90’s, and now it’s back in style. The preppy look means keeping your look pretty classic. Preppy clothes include blazers, button-down shirts, and practical ballet flats.  


    Modcloth Nautical High Waist Youb, $35, modcloth.com

    Notch-Lapel Blazer, $45, yesstyle.com

    Lillybee U Gameday Flats, $48, simplysoles.com

    Chicnova Fashion Preppy Style Pure Color High Waist Mini Skirt, $18, chicnova.com

    Fossil Woven Jean Belt, $38, fossil.com

    Myrtlewood Mid-length Long Sleeve The Grand Tour Guide top, $40, modcloth.com

  • 3_ Espadrilles.png


    These are canvas shoes with woven fiber soles. Traditionally worn in the warmer months, espadrilles are a great back-to-school basic that come in tons of super cute varieties—flats, wedges, sandals, you name it. 


    Striped Soludos Classic Striped Espadrille, $43, dailylook.com

    FOREVER 21 Favorite Espadrille Wedge Sandals, $33, forever21.com 

    Dorothy Perkins Head over Heels Michelle Bow Detail Espadrille, $44, dorothyperkins.com 

  • 4_Altuzarra.png


    What? Who? It’s the last name of designer Joseph Altuzarra, whose famous fashion designs are worn by tons of celebrities. His new collection of clothes for Target won’t break the bank, but they will definitely help you break into the fashion crowd at your school. The clothes are available for purchase at target.com starting September 14. Prepare to queue up.



    Photo credit: Style.com  

  • 5_Pleating.png


    Pleating is a folding technique used in making clothes. Pleating is when you double fabric and then fold it back into place, creating a crisp accordion fold. Grab a pleated schoolgirl skirt. It’s super cute, stylish, and trendy.


    Boohoo Lucy Polka Dot Pleated Mini Skirt, $30, boohoo.com

    Boohoo Felicity Box Pleat Skaker Dress, $40, boohoo.com

    Dorothy Perkins Pink Pleat Sleeveless Shirt, $45, dorothyperkins.com

  • 6_Distressed.png


    It might be that feeling you have when you’ve got 3 tests in one day, but it’s also a way of describing ripped or aged denim. Showing off your trendy distressed jeans is a great way to make an entrance on the first day of school. 


    MANGO Medium Denim Jacket, $40, mango.com

    Boohoo Kaity Paint Effect Ripped Skinny Jeans, $50, boohoo.com

    Chicnova Fashion Ripped Denim Jacket, $63, chicnova.com

    Miss Selfridge Black Distressed Denim Short, $49, missselfridge.com

    Chicnova Fashion Light Blue Simple All-match Casual Ripped Denim Jeans, $43, chicnova.com 

  • 7_Satchel.png


    A satchel is a bag with a long strap that can be closed with a flap. It’s sophisticated, chic, and can store all of your clunky school books. Snag one ASAP.


    Yon Plain Satchel in Pink, $37, fashionunion.com

    Modcloth Scholastic Grad to be Here Bag, $50, modcloth.com

    ASOS Bow Satchel Bag, $42, asos.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY LINDY WITTENBERG ON 8/31/2014 12:00:00 AM


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