100 ways to have a blast this winter

Got the wintertime blues? If you’re looking for a way to make your winter wow-worthy, we’ve got quite the master plan. Keep busy with your BFFs, plan fun weekend nights and spice up your look with our quick tips for a winter to remember.
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    Winter wonderland movie nights

    Elf. Who cares if Christmas is over? This one’s always got us laughing.
    The Holiday. Cameron Diaz and Jude Law are oh-so-cute in this winter romance.
    Love Actually. Such a classic!
    New in Town. From Miami to Minnesota, this is a flick that everybody’ll love.
    New Year’s Eve. Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker…. Which celeb isn’t in this film?
    Ice Princess is such a fun, inspiring one by Disney.
    Check out Warm Bodies this February. You deserve a trip to the theater.
    Happy Feet. Get dancing with these adorable penguins.

    Snow Dogs. It’s an oldie, but its bound to get you laughing.

    The Sound of Music. Perfect for the whole fam.
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    Get reading!

    Visit a bookstore to see what's new in the lit world.

    Libraries are the way to go to save money. You can even rent CDs and movies!
    Snag a magazine or two when you’re grocery shopping with mom for afternoon reading.
    Look up movie reviews in your local paper to decide which flick to see Friday night.
    Snuggle up on a cold night with a cup of cocoa and a good mystery novel.
    Take a study break to check out your fave blogs that you haven’t had a chance to catch up on.
    Start a book club with your besties and choose cute series to talk about.
    Flip through your old diaries hidden under the bed. You’ll LOL at some of the things you wrote back then.
    Read a new driver’s manual. Sounds boring, but totally necessary when it comes down to earning a learner’s permit.

    Start a book blog and share your reviews with the web.

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    Summer fun in the cool months

    Use a blender to shave down some ice and add sugary syrups for to make snow cones.
    Blow up beach balls and play a game of keep-it-up indoors.
    Do a crazy dare and see if you can last 60 seconds outside in the snow in only your swimsuit! Then run inside and warm up quick.
    With tights and sweaters, a summer floral dress transitions from season to season.
    Make a sea salt hair spray for beachy waves with sea salt and water.
    Lounge in the living room with beach towels and magazines. Play an ocean waves sound track to imagine you’re in the tropics.
    Use bright nail polishes like coral pinks and red-oranges that you normally save for June.
    Roast marshmallows. A fireplace can be just as nice as those nights around the bonfire at summer camp.

    Let your hair dry in braids. When you take them out, you’ll have beach-bum ripples.

    Spritz yourself with your fave summer scent.
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    Dress up your daytime look
    Add flair to your outfit with a cute belt.
    Empty your pockets into a trendy messenger bag for accessible style.
    Wear dangly earrings.
    Add sparkle with shimmery ballet flats.
    A creamy, pale lip is perfect for winter.
    Faux fur around a hooded jacket definitely adds personality.
    Slim pants are chic and go with flats, boots and heels.
    Wintry lace transitions well from season to season.
    Hot pink and bright lime jewelry accents will add that needed pop to your outfit.

    A flirty skirt and tights takes a look from casual to fashionable.

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    Party theme ideas

    Pink Party!
    Baking blast. Have your BFFs bring their fave recipes, and you can tackle them all together.
    Hawaiian luau. Who cares if its freezin’ out? Serve pineapple, wear a lei and practice your hula dancing.
    Collect your fave jams, decorate and clear the floor for a dance party.
    See who’s the best when it comes to bowling, tennis and Just Dance in a Wii competition night.
    Costume party. Dressing up can’t only be reserved for Halloween, right?
    Game night. Break out Apples to Apples, Taboo and Scene it. Forgot how much fun those are, didn’t ya?
    Crazy crafts. Paint, scrapbook, and even sculpt your own beads out of clay for a chill, creative time.
    Wear leg warmers and neon sweatshirts for an ‘80s themed party.

    Slumber party! There’s nothing quite like a fun night in with the besties.

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    DIY possibilities
    Break out the flour ‘n’ sugar and try out a new cookie recipe from Pinterest.
    Practice with origami and print out colorful papers.
    Tape it up. With colorful duct tape, the craft possibilities are endless.
    Braid and bead friendship bracelets with your besties.
    Spray-paint a stand-up cheese grater, then use it as an earring rack.
    String paper snowflakes from your bedroom ceiling.
    Decorate picture frames and fill them with pics of your fam and friends.
    Add studs to you old jean jacket to spice it up for spring.
    Crochet fun stuffed critters for your sibs, cousins or kids you babysit. They’ll love you for it!

    Cover a magnetic board with fabric and you’ve got a chic new wall decoration.

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    Get moving!

    Cold months are actually a great time to go for a jog outside. Bundle up and your bod won’t regret it.
    Snag a pair of climate-control winter leggings for hitting the trails. You’ll be warmer and flexible on your weekend hike.
    Try a hot yoga class. A heated room warms up your muscles faster and makes you more flexible.
    Hit the gym when its too icy out and use the elliptical or a medicine ball to engage your muscles.
    Have access to an indoor pool? Maybe your school or local gym has one. Swimming isn’t only for summer!
    Sign up for a zumba class. Perfect for bringin’ out the dancer in you.
    Check out your sneakers and make sure the bottoms aren’t totally flat.  No tread left? Time to grab a new pair.
    Get out in the snow, get moving and build a snowman. You’ll have something to show for all that built-up indoors energy.
    Spread out a mat and practice your cartwheels and handstands so you can have them nailed for summer.
    Offer to walk the dog. You both could use some fresh air.
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    Warm up without that huge, puffy coat
    Faux-fur vests are totally in style. Fluff it up this winter.
    Earmuffs serve as warmth and an ah-dorable headband in one.
    Wrap up in a chunky infinity scarf.
    Tuck your skinny jeans into a classic pair of knee-high boots
    Cozy up with a fluffy pair of fuzzy socks and your feet will be lovin’ you.
    Wide-brimmed hats are totally Taylor Swift chic.
    Swap your nylon tights for a warmer, thicker pair.
    Snag a pair of gloves with new touch-pad fingertips so your hands won’t freeze when you reach for the cell.
    Can’t afford cashmere? Wear a tank top under your cutest wool sweater to make it itch-free.

    Colorful corduroys always feel warmer than your go-to jeans.

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    Shape up your beauty regime

    Use makeup primer, and that cold winter breeze won’t stand a chance against your eccentric eye makeup.
    Apply lotions and body butters to your face and hands before bed to keep your skin fresh and glowing.
    Go bold! Winter’s the perf season to test out that ruby red or plum-purple lipstick.
    Nail it with a new shade of gel polish.
    Avoid too many sugary foods and watch your breakouts disappear.
    Drink water to keep your skin soft and hydrated.
    Practice with liquid liner to perfect your eye shape.
    Try a shimmery blush to get your cheeks glowing.
    Go gold and glittery with metallic eye shadows.
    Add volume to your locks by blow-drying your hair while it’s flipped over. Say goodbye to bad hair days!
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    Stellar sleepover ideas

    Play a fast-paced game of catch phrase. There’s even an app for it!
    Brighten up your plain-Jane cupcakes with colorful icing and sprinkles.
    Mix up a popcorn trail mix with goodies like chocolate chips, peanuts and M&Ms.
    Compile a party-worthy playlist to dance to all night.
    Challenge your besties to a karaoke competition. Singing to 1D, Tay Swift or Demi is bound to be a blast.

    Mix up extra-special hot cocoa by adding a dollop of warm caramel.

    Cook dinner with your BFFs and let Mom 'n' Dad off the hook.
    Have a spa night. Mud masks, manicures and a shoulder massage line will have everyone relaxed and smiling.
    Hold a clothes swap. Invite your BFFs to clean out their closets for pieces to trade so everyone can freshen up their wardrobe for free.
    Make a collage. Collect old magazines and papers to make inspiration boards for your bedroom.

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by Caroline Cassard | 2/1/2016