7 things that might just get us to give up Facebook

We’re sure you’ve heard by now about the darlin’ whose dad paid her to stay off Facebook for the rest of the semester. That story got us thinking, though…what would get us to give up one of our favorite social media sites?

A puppy

Come on, we’ve been begging for ages!

A part in the school play

‘Cause we’d probs be too busy memorizing lines and Instagraming behind-the-scenes pics

A boyfriend

We wouldn’t need to be one of those couples who posts lovey dovey messages on each other’s walls 24/7…right?

A seriously well-paying babysitting gig

Rollin’ in the dough (and chasing after a six-year-old) is way better than cruising through our Newsfeed


Because those crazy counselors have pretty much never heard of such a thing as a social life back home

One more sponsored or recommended post popping up in our feed

Enough is enough, Facebook! We’re warning you…

However much money our current coveted possession costs

OK, so maybe we can be bought—but only sometimes!

What would get you to give up Facebook? Tell us in the comments, cuties!


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016