7 books to get you ready for spring break

School’s out…well, for a week. Looking forward to your upcoming spring break? Whether you’re hitting the beach with fam or chilling with friends at home, we’ve got a hot list of books for ya. From mystery to chick-lit, read them now to get in the vacay spirit, or pack ’em with you on your getaway. There’s a little something for everyone—and they all take place during spring break, natch!




Which spring break read is at the top of your list? Blog about it, babes.
  • 1southbeach.jpg
    South Beach by Aimee Freedman

    It’s time for spring break, and there’s nothing better than a hot beach with some hot boys. There’s only one problem: these two besties are both falling for the same guy. Will they sacrifice their friendship for a dude, or obey that old adage of sisters before misters? You’ll just have to give it a read to find out.


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  • 2feathered.jpg

    Feathered by Laura Kasischke

    It was supposed to be the best spring break trip ever, but instead, these two besties have accidentally entered their worst nightmare. The two high school seniors just wanted to get away from their parents and have an amazing road trip, but the car ride takes a turn for the worse after entering Mexico.


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  • 3fashionforwardadventures.jpg

    The Fashion-Forward Adventures of Imogene by Lisa Barham

    This series will keep you entertained way past spring break! Our fave of the series? Accidentally Fabulous, in which Imogene and Evie travel to L.A. to have the spring break of their lives. The spotlight suddenly starts shining on Imogene, and she’s wanted by everyone in Tinseltown. But is the fame really all it’s cracked up to be?


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  • 4springbreakup.jpg

    Spring Breakup by Stephanie Hale

    Aspen Brooks wanted to hit the beach, but gave up sand between her toes to go to Las Vegas with friends instead. The hotel she’s staying at is hosting the Miss Teen Queen Pageant, which is all fine and dandy…until Miss Illinois goes missing. Repping her home state, Aspen is determined to get to the bottom of the case, not realizing what a dark mystery she’s joined.


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  • 5dessertcrossing.jpg

    Desert Crossing by Elise Broach

    One minute, 14-year-old Lucy is driving along with her brother in the desert, when suddenly they feel a thud against the car. Just an animal, right? They pull over and are shocked to find a dead body lying on the side of the road. Was it their fault? Was the person already dead? Was there foul play? You’ll only know if you read.


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  • 6luckybreak.jpg

    Lucky Break by J. Minter

    Flan has the perfect spring break trip to Paris planned out, but it all comes crashing down when she hears her BF is cheating on her. Ouch! Altering the plans a bit, Flan decides to visit a few cities before making a final stop in Paris to garner emotional support from friends and fam. This read is quite the jet-setting adventure, perfect if ya wanna escape your hometown for a bit.


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  • 7peaksurvival.jpg

    Peak Survival by Pam Withers

    Jake, Peter, Moses and Fiona are practically strangers, but all on the mountain for the same reason: to ski on some intense slopes. However, things take a turn for the disastrous when the helicopter transporting Fiona crashes and kills the pilot. The three boys try and save Fiona, which begins their perilous 10-day descent.


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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016