6 tricks to keeping your room clean

We know—cleaning your room is tough. You fold, sweep and dust all the time, but somehow, your room is back to its messy self within weeks. Before you give up and become one of those people from Hoarders, we want you to try these six simple ways to maintain a tidy room.

Pick an outfit in advance

You’re about to go to your BFF’s b-day party, but first you have to get dressed. So what should you do? Head to your closet, try on everything, and see what looks the best, right? Wrong! We know you won’t hang those clothes back up. You’re in a rush and will probably leave them wrinkled on the floor until the next laundry day! So rather than finding a dress last minute, plan out which outfit you are going to wear the day before. If you have time to pick out your fave item, it’ll give you a chance to put all those not-so-trendy clothes away.

Stick to the studying station

UGH studying. We know you want to just lay in bed and skim through those flashcards, but stay at the desk! Not only can cozying up under the blankets make you less focused, but it can also make your room dirty. Papers and pencil fly everywhere if you don’t have an organized place to work. Do your homework at your desk. Once you’re finished, it’ll be so easy to gather up your notes and put them back in your bag. No mess necessary!

Sweep up the week

After every week, go through your room and put away everything that has entered your room this week. Yes, that includes wrinkled up receipts, spare buttons, and clothing tags. We know you’ll remember to fold your clothes and put them away, but it’s easy to forget the small stuff! Gather everything that has cluttered your room over the past week and put them in a pile. Go through the stuff and sift out what should be put away. Once your pile is left with nothing but trash, sweep up!

Color code your closet

You’re about to grab some froyo, but you just can’t find that blue sweater you heart! Nothing else matches with these pants, and you’re not in the mood to plan out a whole new outfit. Don’t worry, we have a way to prevent this whole OMG moment from occurring-- color code! Organizing your closet based on color helps you spot the items you want way faster. No need to take down all your clothes until you see that blue sweater. If you color code, it will be right after the teal vest and before the navy pants. Problem solved!

Do away with doo-dads

Remember all of those birthday cards and party favors you’ve collected over the years? Well they’re still sitting on your desk and it’s time for a change up. Whether you move them to a memory box or toss them in the trash, those doo-dads have got to go. We know they’ve been sitting there for like ever, but you’re running out of space! Keep your room fresh and current by boxing up the things you don’t use. It might sound harsh, but we think you’re ready to let go.

Pack up the projects

Those jeans you’ve wanted to cut and those scraps of fabric you’re waiting to sew into scrunchies are forming a bundle over in the corner of your room. We know you vowed to finish those projects, but it’s been forever! We think it’s time to either pack them up or dedicate a whole day to completing them. It’s okay if you want to save them for a rainy day, but put the projects somewhere organized. Designate a spot in your cupboard for things-to-do. Whenever you’re bored, just take one of those tasks out and get workin’!  


by Yael Frischling | 2/1/2016