Graduation got ya down? Here's how to keep in touch with your far-flung friends

Your group of gal pals is pretty much the greatest ever. The one cloud on your hunnie horizon? Graduation. If you have older friends who are saying see-ya to middle or high school before you are, or buds who are switching districts or moving away, it’s tough to see the school year end, and know that your closeness just might end with it. But just ‘cause you aren’t seeing ‘em every day doesn’t mean you can’t stay tight. Here are our four best tips for keeping your cool when the big change happens—and keeping in touch, of course!

Keep it in perspective

Let’s be real, you’re not going to be able to set a time when you and your girls are going to be able to talk every night. College can get busy. Make sure you’re realistic about how often you communicate. Otherwise, you’ll probably get disappointed. It may even start a fight. Your friend might expect a phone call but you’re too busy, or vice versa. This could lead to hurt feelings, so be honest with yourselves. If you’re the best of friends, speaking a little less often won’t hurt your relationship.

Embrace the time you do have together

Plan trips to see each other, or plan exciting things for times when you’re both home. Looking forward to these things will just make you more excited to see each other. Knowing that you’ll be able to see your girls soon will help you feel confident in your friendships; you’ll know they’re not going anywhere. We bet that as soon as you’re back together, it’ll be like you never even separated.

Use all sorts of social media

Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…you name it. They’re all excellent ways to stay in touch with your BFFs! Because you, and the rest of the world, are on them so often, you’re friends will be sure to see everything that’s going on in your college life. Not to mention, it’s super quick, so you won’t have to worry about squeezing time in for a phone call when you’re loaded up with homework. There will probably be times when you’re super excited about something that just happened but your girls may be too busy to answer the phone, so just upload it! Not only will you get the relief of telling someone, but they’ll also be able to see it as soon as they log on.

Do it Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-style

It may have been just a movie, but those BFFs really had a smart idea. You don’t have to find a pair of jeans that fit all of you, but pass around something like a journal. You can each right down notes and stories to each other. Being able to read something your girls wrote will help keep you connected, and it’s much more personal than other ways of communicating. Not to mention, it’s always fun to get something in the mail.

How do you keep in touch with far-flung friends? Tell us in the comments!


by Katie Takacs | 2/1/2016