The 10 cutest valentines we've seen this year. Give 'em to everyone!

Valentine’s Day has pretty much been the best school-centric holiday simply because you get something from everyone pretty much from the get-go. There’s heart-shaped candy involved. You get to make those little mailboxes in class. The heck with commercialization—we’re in favor! Continue the tradition with these 10 cuties you can send to everyone you know.


Chalkboard A2 Valentine Cards, $13 for 10,


Can’t Bear To Be Without You, $11 for 32,


Chemistry Kids Cards, $22 for 40,


Sending Love Valentine Postcards, $14 for 10,


Baseball Boxed Valentine’s Day Cards, $8 for 32,


Donuts About You A2 Valentine Cards, $13 for 10,


Mini Valentine’s Day Card Pack, $9 for 8,


Valentine Pinwheels Kit, $22 for 28,


You’re Sweet Valentine’s Day Tags, $10 for 8,


Cootie Catcher Kids Valentine Pack, $15 for 28,


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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