20 things you should do before you turn 20

We’re celebrating 20 years of GL. Woo-hoo! It’s been an amazing two decades. So that got us thinking about what you should do before you turn the big 2-0! Keep reading to find out all the fun things should scratch off our teen bucket list.

1. Binge watch a T.V. series on Netflix for the whole day. Don’t forget to find a new celeb to be obsessed with!

2. Dance in the rain with your BFF, crush, best guy friend or…anyone! 

3. Throw a surprise party for someone you heart.

4. Do something active every day. Staying in shape and keeping healthy will make all your long years that much more awesome.

5. Don’t be afraid if your bestie suddenly starts blaring indie music, when she used to be diehard Directioner. People change and that’s OK! Stay true to you, and you’ll always have a friend by your side.

6. Go to a concert. There’s no better place to dance and sing to your heart’s content.

7. Tell your parents you appreciate all they do for you. Seriously, it never gets said enough.

8. Graduate from high school. Walking across that stage, diploma in hand with a wide grin across your face will be one of the best days of your life—promise!

9. Go to a movie premiere in L.A. and meet your fave celeb. They’re not all that different from us, right? Or if you can’t hop over to Tinseltown in a pinch, just go to the midnight premiere with your crew.

10. Apply to your dream college. Even if you don’t think you’ll get in, it’s better than knowing “what if.”

11. Get a job. There’s nothing more empowering than making your own money and building up your resume. 

12. Master a foreign language. Global communication es muy importante, no?

13. Vote. What’s more powerful than having say in who should lead our country?

14. Talk to your crush, even though you may be totally freaking out!

15. Grab your fave flower headband. ‘Cause you gotta hit up Coachella, or any other music festival, before you turn 20!

16. Take a road trip with your BFFs. Plan out an itinerary or go where the open road takes you.

17. Learn to cook a yummy and healthy dinner all by yourself. OK, Pinterest can help.

18. Take a vacay to a foreign country. Tres chic!

19. Fall in love. And learn that it will all be OK if you get your heart broken. If he was foolish enough to walk away, there’s someone smart enough who wants to stay.

20. Chase your dreams. Dream jobs are possible, so don’t let “no” stop you. You’re still young, and if you work hard, the possibilities are endless.

Love our list? What else do you want to do before you’re 20? Let us know in the comments and make sure wish GL happy birthday!


by Deven Feldstein | 2/1/2016
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