Deskspiration to declutter your desk


School is back in full swing and it’s time to kick that desk clutter to the curb! Stay on top of homework and papers with these DIY ideas that will spruce up any desk and make it a space for productive work. Here are a few deskspiration designs to get you started.

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    Pen & pencil holders

    Paint the inside of mason jars, glass bowls and cups for customized pencil and office supply holders. Glue on studs and buttons or tie on a tassel or two for an extra pop.


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    Creative cord organizer

    Tired of your cords twisting and turning together? Search around your house to find a few buffalo clips and place them on the edge of your desk. Separate each cord and thread them through the clips. You’ll never have to untangle a web of cords again!

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    Revamp your to-do list

    To-do lists are essential for every organized desk. Make yours stand out (and stand up!) by filling a photo frame with a pretty design, then snagging a dry-erase marker to write out your to-dos on the glass. Suddenly, looking at your new, pretty to-do list won’t hurt as much.

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    Clipboard walls

    Hang several clipboards in a row on the wall above your desk and assign a category for each one. Maybe one clipboard could be for math class and another for English class. This clears any clutter or piles of paper from the top of your desk. Handy!



by Erin Rodrigue | 2/1/2016