Be cute, classy and crush-worthy this Halloween


Cute and classy is what will classify you as crush-worthy this holiday. Showcase that rockin’ personality of yours with these awesome costume add-ons that capture your crush’s eye—in the right way.


  • 1_tights.jpg

    Try tights

    When sporting an ensemble that has shorts or a dress, always remember to wear tights. Black is the go-to option, but if your outfit is a bit more out- there, take a leap toward neon colors, patterns or prints.

    Adult red tights, $6,

    Adult pink and black striped tights, $7,

    Adult sheer pink moustache pantyhose, $10,



  • 2_masks.jpg

    Eye see you

    If you’re as confident in your outfit as we think you should be, take it up a notch: Throw on a mask. Make your crush wonder exactly who’s behind that awesome outfit. Show how confident you are in your own skin! You can go simple and elegant or all-out crazy.


    Filigree gold mask, $10,

    Fashion cat mask, $10,

    Gold owl feather mask, $35,  





  • 3_wigs.jpg

    Gettin’ wiggy

    Wigs are always a big way to catch your crush’s attention. Double-take much? Is that you? He’ll catch you in a whole new light and comment on how different you look, which is always a great convo starter!

    Hollywood flapper wig, $17,

    Greek goddess wig, $23,

    Seashell mermaid wig, $15,



  • 4_shoes.jpg

    If the shoe fits

    When it comes down to the shoes, a little heel won’t hurt, but a lot of heel can crush your tootsies. Skip the teetering platforms and stick with something more grounded—but just as fab!

    Womens White GoGo Boots, $35,

    Gold Goddess Sandals, $9,

    Tan Dakota Boots, $43,


by Becky Kockell | 2/1/2016