Rock a killer look: Try this sugar skull makeup tutorial



Halloween is here (yay!), and while some of us may not be too keen on clunky costumes and sweaty facemasks—everyone still wants to get in on the fun. But don’t suffer trick-or-treat FOMO just because you don’t have a costume. This creepy-cute sugar skull makeup is all you need is all you need to a ghoulish good time.

What you’ll need:

  • White face paint
  • Black face paint
  • Black eyeliner and an assortment of other colors
  • Black lipstick
  • Blue or Black lip liner

Prep Work

1.First, wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser of your choice.

2. Apply a thick cream-based primer to protect your pores from the makeup.

Full Face

3. Use your index finger to dab on white face paint, then use a brush to spread the paint throughout the entirety of your face (yes, that includes lips and brows!).

4. Next, blacken your nose with black face paint. Start at the middle of the bridge and work your way down into a triangular shape.

5. Grab your black lipstick and apply a little bit just on the inside of your lips (right where your lips touch when your mouth is closed).

6. Pick up your blue black lip liner and short draw vertical lines throughout the width of your mouth (it should look something like stitches when you’re done!)

7. Switch over to your stash of eye liner and carefully draw a flower on the bottom of your chin. Get fancy with swirly lines and multiple colors!

8. With a black or dark blue eyeliner, begin drawing a spider web on your forehead by starting just between the eyebrows and working your way out.

9. Next, using eyeliner, circle your eyes with the color of your choice (we used black!) and use this as an outline for filling them in with face paint.

10. Now that you have two large circles as eyes (LOL), turn them into flowers by drawing pretty petals with colored liner.

Finishing Touches (Optional)

  • Add silver or gold glittery liquid liner to your lash line for
  • Pick up a fly flower crown from an accessory store or DIY one!
  • Use lash adhesive to stick tiny jewels and rhinestones in your petals
  • Have some fun colored mascara 


by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016