Exclusive: GL chats with Karan Brar about Jessie's last season


You know Karan Brar as Ravi from Jessie, the hit Disney show that just started it's fourth – and last – season last Friday. Currently, the nearly 16-year-old (his birthday's this Sunday) is hard at work on set, but he took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us at GL about living at Cameron Boyce's house in real life, his character and what you can expect from Jessie this year. Check it out. 

GL:  So, Karan, how does it feel working on the fourth season?

Karan: It feels great because when Disney said to us, “Okay, you're getting a fourth season,” we were all jumping off the walls and we were so excited about it. We’re all brothers and sisters to each other at the end of the day, and to be able to work with each other another year is even better. We love this project. We loved it from day one. It feels like yesterday was the first day that we came on set and I was like, “Oh my god, look at this penthouse! Look at this Central Park set!” It was mind-blowing and it’s crazy to think it’s ending.  

GL: Are things any different on set now that it's the last season?

Karan: I think we run more fluidly. Before, it was kind of weird because we all come from different walks of life and we all have different work processes. We all do things differently. I feel like now we just run way better, we know our characters better. We can literally tell what one of us is thinking without even speaking.  

GL: Is there anyone on set you're particularly close with?

Karan: I'm close with Cameron especially. He’s like a brother to me. I kid you not, I practically live at his house. His parents have to go grocery shopping for five instead of four because of me.  

GL: That's awesome. Do you have any fun stories from on set you can share with us?

Karan: I remember my favorite memory was when we were in zombie costumes for the paintball match [Episode 104, Zombie Tea Party]. Debby gave us these marshmallow blasters and we ran over to the A.N.T. Farm lot and snuck up on China Anne McClain and Sierra McCormick while they were in hair and makeup. They freaked out. We pelted them with marshmallows, and it was pretty hilarious because it took them a second. They were like, “Who? What? Why are there zombies in our makeup room?” 

GL: That's hilarious! So can you tell us a little about what Ravi's up to this season?

Karan: Ravi is a really cool character. For the past four years it feels like every day he’s waking up and everything is new again. He’s trying to learn as much as he can. The coolest part about Ravi is that he’s so curious. He’s so into learning things, but he also has this want to fit in. Throughout the new season I think Ravi is starting to settle into himself and be like, okay, I don’t need to please other people. I should be myself. Ravi’s definitely gonna evolve and grow in the fourth season. 

GL: Do you guys have any big plans to celebrate once you're done filming?

Karan: We’re probably all going to get together, but when we finished we’re all going to be in that weird mood like, “Oh, wait, we’re not going to go back to work Monday.” Kevin, who plays Bertram, has been making videos and taking pictures and is like, “Guys, we’re gonna show this at our 10-year reunion.” We’re trying to get the most out of it and I think we’re going to have a party, not to celebrate the end of it but just to celebrate a great four-year run.  

Anything that surprised you about Karan? Are you loving Jessie's last season so far? Make sure to tune in to Disney tonight (1/16) at 8:00 p.m. to catch Karan and the rest of the cast in the second episode. 

Photo credit to: Disney 


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016
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