Share the love! Get crafty with these three easy V-Day cards


V-Day is right around the corner, ladies! If the holiday snuck up on you while you were busy daydreaming about that cutie from gym, don't freak: it's not too late to show your loved ones you care. These quick, cute homemade cards can be whipped up last minute and are way better than a cheesy store-bought Valentine. Bonus: they're fun to make, and everyone you give them to will be totally impressed. 


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    For your fam

    Mom and Dad will love these super cute 3-D cards. They might look tricky, but grab some basic craft supplies and follow the three easy steps and you're set.

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    For your crush

    Break the V-Day ice with an adorbs pizza pun. It's funny and cute, and what guy doesn’t love pizza? With just cardboard, markers, and your artistic skills, you can let him know you’re interested without being over the top (or embarrassing).

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    For your BFF

    Show your bestie how much you love her with this fun, clever card. All you need is construction paper, candles, glue, and markers to brighten her day (pun intended!).

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by Brittany Goers | 2/1/2016