Yummy Fourth of July treats for every celebration

Whether you're celebrating on the coast of shining seas, or amongst amber waves of grain, these treats will be sure to add some patriotic color and yummy flavor to your annual bash. From watermelon stars to Pop Rocks and marshmallows, your sweet tooth will also have its share of red, white and blue. Ready to whip something festive up? Get all the ahh-mazing recipes below!
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    Firecracker bark

    This silky­smooth firecracker bark is a perf festive dessert. The indulgent chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth, and the pop rocks are sure to add a firecracker punch that's perfect for an evening watching fireworks.

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    Watermelon stars

    With all the indulgent snacks you'll be munching on, it's always good to have a healthier alternative. Use a a cookie cutter to transform this ultimate summer fruit into a festive dessert. Want to amp it up a notch? Toss your stars with blueberries and chopped apple for a red, white, and blue fruit salad.

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    Striped Jell-O squares

    Finger food is a summer picnic go-to. So trust us, these broad­striped Jell-O squares will look at home on any picnic table. Try layering different combinations of red, white, and blue for a little variation that your picnic guests will love to look at and eat.

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    Patriotic puppy chow

    Puppy chow is one of our fave treats from our childhoods. This recipe adds a patriotic twist to the the sweet and crunch classic. Serve it at your fam's BBQ or bag it up for a treat during your town's Indepedence Day parade.

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    Mini firecracker cakes

    What better to eat on good ol' America’s birthday than cake? And of course, these mini cakes include America's three favorite colors. We love how this recipe includes pop rocks as a surprise filling.

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by Chloe Williams | 2/1/2016