Follow these 5 steps to sparkle and shine this school year


The lazy days of summer can be amazing, but they leave even the most enthusiastic girls feeling a little adrift or overwhelmed by new school year madness. That’s why we’re spilling five secrets to being amazing, so you can sparkle from BTS to the last day (and beyond!).

1. Say it like you mean it.
You know how your new class prez nailed her election speech last year? It’s not just because she told some good jokes and promised a longer lunch period. The key to nabbing your vote was her clear, confident voice. Take a cue from her and perfect your public speaking skills. Grab your smartphone and record yourself reading a paragraph from a book or magazine. Play it back and listen: Do you speak so softly you can hardly hear yourself? Does your voice go up at the end of each sentence, making it sound like a question? Equally bad: low, creaky Kardashian-esque vocal fry (liiikkeee you draawwww out your sennnteenncesss). Take note of any issues, then keep practicing. Soon, you’ll be exuding confidence with every word you say.

2. Put your hand in the air.
When it comes to raising your hand, you’re totally brave...’til ya walk into an honors class and feel immediately outmatched by all the other brainiacs. But letting yourself be intimidated into silence isn’t your game, girl. To boost your confidence, start with what you definitely know, like a cinchy homework Q.
Then ask smart questions. You don’t know the answer—so what? Do as much of that geometry proof as you can, then toss up your hand and tell the teacher what particular point threw you for a loop—and ask if she could please walk you through it step by step. Your new rep: the girl who wants to learn, not the know-it-all.

3. Stake your claim.
When a chance to chair the fundraising committee crops up, you’re eager to step in. But so is another chica who’s much more outspoken than you. Now’s not the time to defer your dream. Take a page from her day planner and gather your courage. Say something like, “Actually, do you think we could co-chair the committee? I have some really great ideas.” Chances are, the world has no clue that you’re ready and willing (and waiting!) to prove yourself—and that you have the skills to pull it off. Remember, you’ve got to go after what you want, not wait for someone to eeny-meeny-miney-moe it to you.

4. Dive right in.
The secret not even your LYLAS ladies know? You’d kill to sing second soprano in your school’s a cappella group. But tryouts are next month, and the self-doubt’s setting in. To make the risk feel less scary, plan it out. Start practicing your audition song with the music teacher after school, or hop online for YouTube tutorials. Before the big day, gather your girls for a private performance so you’ll be comfy singing with all eyes on you. And if you don’t get the spot? You still get mad props for putting yourself out there—and more experience for the next time you try out.

5. Know no boundaries.
There’s just something about working on cars that gets your motor runnin’. But joining the Auto Club means you’d be the only girl in the group. No big deal. Not only will busting past that boys-only boundary set the stage for other like-minded girls, you’d also be bucking a nationwide trend. After all, women comprise only a quarter of the workforce in science, technology, engineering and math—and those jobs pay more! So this year, go for an activity you love regardless of the roster: Who cares if there’s never been a girl on your school’s wrestling team or if the AP Statistics class is packed with upperclassmen? It’s time to make history.


 Image source: Instagram

How will you shine this school year? Let us know below!

by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016