Your BTS bucket list: 42 things you *have* to try this year

We’ve got 42 daring tips and tricks to help you soar this BTS season. Try 'em all for an ah-mazing adventure of a year.

1. Organize an event. Pick a cause, then get involved. Taking the initiative will tap into your mature side. Bonus: You’ll build bonds with the community, staff and your principal.

2. Ask at least
 one question in every class during the first week. It’ll keep ya alert without the anxiety of coldly getting called on. Plus, it helps your teacher remember your name.

3. Plan your time wisely. Hey, it’s OK to be a wee bit selfish. Refuse to say “yes” to every teensy thing people ask of you—or you’ll be juggling a larger- than-manageable load. No thanks!

4. Be upfront—all the time.
 “Last year, I talked about a lot of my friends behind their backs and got in tons of trouble. I wish I hadn’t been so two-faced."—Piper S., 14

5. Forgo grudges. “My bestie and I got into a fight and didn’t talk for months. We then realized what we missed out on together. We talked it out and are BFFs again.” —Danielle K., 13

6. Stay connected. “I keep in touch with my friends who aren’t in all of my classes through Facebook, texting and Twitter. On top of that, we plan get-togethers once a month, just so we can check in with one another.”
—Sarah S., 12

7. Befriend the new girl. “Reach outto the new kids so they feel like they are at home. People did that for me when I was new, so I always feel like I should return the favor.” —Rebekah S., 13

8. Mix it up. “I have friends from a lot of different groups and backgrounds. It helps keep things interesting, and it’s a wonderful way to stay away from a clique.” —Abby T., 13

9. Have fun. Don’t let school stress bog ya down. Whether it’s hitting the gym with your girls or seeing that funny flick, carve out some time to blow off steam—and to get your mind off the books.

10. Score school spirit. Get into the game by dressing in your school colors and cheering on your team (extra credit for going to away games, too). You’ll automatically have something to do on Friday nights.

11. Set your own school record. Push your P.E. pull-up total by 10. Tackle that gotta-learn-to-play-it piano piece you thought was too hard. Going after personal challenges will take things from snore-worthy to super fun.

12. Stay motivated. Update your locker’s dry erase board with a new inspirational quote every week. The happiness will radiate toward buds who might be hanging by your locker, too.

13. Don't gossip. “It really does hurt. My friend learned that the hard way when cruel notes were being passed. Whispers, eye rolls...just don’t do it. It will save friendships.” —Hannah G., 13

14. Keep good karma. Sure, that girl in geometry hasn’t always been the sweetest to ya. But if she’s struggling with theorems and you’ve got ’em down, offer to help her out. You never know when you’ll need those good vibes your way.

15. Ignore bullies. “Just listen to what your true friends have to say and tune any mean stuff out. As my pal puts it, ‘It’s not what a bully calls you, it’s how you answer them.’” —Alyssa R., 12

16. Talk to an upperclassman. From alternatives to Meatloaf Monday to perfect study spots, the older kids know exactly what it means to have “been there, done that.” Soak up clever insider tips you wouldn’t get from anyone else.

17. Silence swearing. Flush that potty mouth! While you might think you sound super tough, it’s less than attractive.

18. Be positive. For every negative thing that comes out of your mouth or your bud’s mouth, come back with an affirmative alternative. 

19. Stand up to peer pressure. It’s always out there, so learn to hold your own against peer pressure now and it will make your future that much easier.

20. Get organized. Taking 15 minutes every Friday to get it all together will save ya the extra 30 you’d spend on Monday looking for those important permission slips or missing assignments.

21. Learn one new word each schoolday. Sign up for a free newsletter (we heart, read it while you nosh breakfast, then share your smarts with your buds. Hello, stellar SAT scores!

22. Ask for help. Staying stuck on that math problem or Spanish conjugation will only waste your time. No one can ever yell at you for trying to help yourself.

23. Ask him out already. Who cares if you think he’s out of your league? Maybe he’s been waiting for you to make the move. Be brave, girl.

24. Suprise your crush. It’s true: The quickest way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. So stash a PowerBar by his locker the morning of his first home game with an encouraging note. A doubly sweet treat!

25. Be yourself around him. Guys don’t want to date a girl who’s fake. Let him get to know how amazing you really are by offering up the true you.

26. Go stag to one school dance. The stress of finding that fairy-tale date will be slashed. Plus, a soirée dedicated solely to your sistahs will make your crew even tighter than ever.

27. Stash a mirror in your locker...then smile at yourself before first period every morning when no one’s looking. Go you!

28. Store a postcard of your fave place in your backpack. Whip it out before every test to calm ya down and nix the nerves.

29. Save sobbing for later. When you’re at your breaking point, try to keep those tears from spilling. Focus on what’s left of the day and work to stay upbeat. By the time you get home, you may have forgotten what you were so upset about in the first place.

30. Ask your crush to the dance. See your boy chillin’ solo at your pal’s BTS bash? Grab him for a spin on the floor. Nothing’s wrong with being bold.

31. Compliment a stranger. “On my first day of middle school, a random upperclassman complimented me on my kicks. She made my day!” —Lynnae L., 15

32. Switch up your style. Drop the flat iron and let your waves run free one day. Rock vintage finds over your prep attire. Change is good.

33. Be comfy changing in the locker room. Ignore what’s going on and get the job done. Pick three things you love about your bod and focus on those as you pry off those sweaty gym togs.

34. Do your own thing. All of your friends are signing up for band, but you’re feeling the drama club a bit more? Don’t ever be afraid to do what you really want, even if you have to go it alone.

35. Overachieve.Reach for the stars! SGA is looking for candidates? Get your name on the ballot. Maybe you didn’t always see yourself as class prez, but hey— you are the best girl for the job!

36. Rotate lunch tables every 15 minutes. There’s no need to be glued to one chair. Maneuvering through the caf means you can check in with your crews, showing you’re friendly and fair.

37. Make a wake-up playlist for all of your buds. Pop in your earbuds and listen to it on the bus.

38. Start a new trend. Whether it’s sporting a new perfume or a pair of flashy specs, show up the first day with something that screams you.

39. Save your cents. Collect your lunch change and safely stash. Use the savings to help buy a dress for the end of year dance.

40. Make a fab first impression. “It’ll make anyone—a new friend, a guy or a teacher—remember the first time they met you. It really affects how they think of you.” —Andra M., 13

41. Hit the library after class. “It's much less stressful than doing your homework at home.” —Rachel C., 13

42. Make your own yearbook. Zipped through these to-dos? Document 'em in an awesome scrapbook you can look back at for years to come. Best. Year. Ever!


What's on your BTS bucket list? Let us know below!

by Patricia McNamara | 2/1/2016