10 reasons why Halloween is the absolute best holiday

Halloween might just be the best holiday of the whole year. Sure, you don't get presents, but you do get some serious candy. Plus, you get to play dress up without anyone being like, "Aren't you a little old for that?"

There are a million reasons why we're obsessed with this time of year—but here are our top ten. Check 'em out.

1. You don’t have to leave your own house to celebrate—you can be just as spooked with a good scary movie and your fave treats.


2. But if you do, Halloween parties are actually fun.


3. It’s the only time of year you actually WANT to be scared.


4. Because pumpkin spice things are the BEST.


5. It’s perfectly acceptable to obsess over your fave characters and dress like them.


6. The makeovers are so much fun.


7. Who doesn’t love getting free candy?


8. Your new jack-o’-lantern design is perf for getting lots of Insta love.


9. You have a love/hate relationship with candy corn.


10. It’s acceptable to re-watch Halloweentown movies every day for the month before.


What do you love best about Halloween?


by Alexa Matthews | 2/1/2016