These cool costume makeup looks prove it's all in the details


Whether you've spent hours pulling together the perfect costume and want to make it perfect or would rather rock a full face and keep your clothes netural, these monster makeup looks will totally take your look to the next level. 
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    Fantasy fish

    This one seems super hard, but all you need is some sparkly shadow and a pair of fishnets as your guide. Sea-riously pretty.  

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  • ostume5.png

    Purple plum fairy

    Take a cue from Cara and use purple, green or blue mascara with a coordinating eyeliner for a look that's sugary sweet and oh-so-chic.

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    Clever cat

    Upgrade your cat eye by taking that liquid liner and drawing on a so cute nose and whiskers. Wanna go all out? Add creepy colored contacts.

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    Spooky spider

    Use a smudgy pencil eyeliner to create wicked webs, then add glitter eyeshadow for some creepy-crawly glamour. 



by Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson | 2/1/2016