These last-minute costumes are total lifesavers


There are a lot of scary things about Halloween, but finding the perfect costume shouldn’t be one of them! Even if you JUST decided to dress up, these last-minute ideas are spooky good.

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    If you have…

    a plain shirt

    a Sharpie

    a sense of humor

    ** Pompoms or a foam finger (optional)

    Be a Ceiling fan! #SoPunny

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    If you have…

    a  hoodie


    a marker

    Be Damian from Mean Girls! This costume is crazy cute and beynd hilarious.

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    If you have…

    hair that can be braided

    a leather jacket or rain jacket

    combat boots?

    army green pants or grey jeans

    a clothes hanger and some string

    Be Katniss Everdeen! To make her signature pin, print out this picture HERE, color and cut it out. Attach it with a safety pin to your jacket. To make her bow, use a rounded clothes hanger and attach a string using hot glue. Bonus if you can make your trick-or-treating bag look like her arrow holder.

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    If you have…

    An inner tube

    Sharpies or pool noodles

    Be a doughnut! Draw sprinkles on your inner tube using the sharpies. To make a more realistic doughnut, cut colorful pool noodles into sprinkle shapes and hot glue it onto the inner tube (dyed Styrofoam will also work).

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    If you have...

    A long sleeved pink top

    A printer

    A wig or hair you can style and temporarily dye 

    Be an emoji! Strike your pose, and print out her pic if you want to be even more explicilty clear.


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by Marin Langlieb | 2/1/2016