Fab up your fall with this cute DIY decor


Seasonal room decor is a must-have (because who doesn't love fall?). From cute and cuddly to glam and glittery, we’ve got the best bang-for-your-buck DIYs to deck out your space.

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    Felt pumpkins

    These autumnal icons are not just for Cinderella. With only six supplies, sewing these soft and adorable munchkins is easy and affordable! Place them on a windowsill or side table for a little fall magic. 



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    Filled vases

    For a girl who’s short on time this school year, these filled jars are chic sophistication in seconds! Just scavenge some acorns, pine cones, and leaves from outside to stack in your vases and voila! Best part? Just switch out the contents every season, and this decor lasts you all year long.

    Watch it HERE (4:58).


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    Framed glitter leaves

    Move over diamonds, glitter is a girl’s best friend! We just showed you how to sparkle some leaves for an ‘instant autumn vibe’ HERE—when you’ve done that, frame them one on top of another for a fresh, mod addition to your pad.

    Watch it HERE

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    Painted acorns

    The best things in life are free...and apparently, so are the cutest. This rainbow of acorns makes a perfect addition to your space. Customize with specific colors or a little sparkle to make them Y-O-U.



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    Block letters

    Having crafter’s block? To get the creative juices flowing, find your favorite autumn word and count out the number of letters onto wooden blocks. After you’ve cut, painted, and mod podged some fall scrapbook paper to them, just draw and arrange your letters. Cute!


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by Chloe W. | 2/1/2016