What to do if your BF wants to take things to the next level (but you're not ready)


My BF wants us to do stuff, but I don’t want a bad rep. Word travels fast in my school. He doesn’t understand and thinks it’s all OK. How can I make him understand?

BILL: You did a good job of telling us how you feel. Tell your BF the same thing. If he doesn’t understand, think about finding a guy who does. You two may just be passing each other on the escalator of life: You’re going up; he’s headed down.

DAVE: Small school, big school, medium school…a bad reputation is a bad reputation. And, generally speaking, once you have one there’s no shedding the stigma. Tell the boyfriend you plan on keeping your name squeaky clean and that he’s more than welcome to join you.


by GL Reader | 2/1/2016