8 reasons Hanukkah is the absolute best


Best. Eight Nights. Ever.  

1) When "The Hanukkah Song" comes on the radio (even if it's a little inappropriate and a lot silly).

2) The influx of delicious fried food. 😋

3) Two words: chocolate gelt.

4) It's the one time of year that spelling doesn't really matter. Hanukkah, Chanukah, pretty much can’t get it wrong.

5) Let's be real here. 8 nights of presents.

6) The feeling you get when you win a round at dreidel.

7) Hanukkah-themed episodes of your favorite shows.

8) But most of all, lighting the candles with your friends and family. 💙




What's your favorite thing about Hanukkah? Let us know below!  


by Marin Langlieb | 2/1/2016