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School’s out, it’s hot, and mosquitoes bite. But that doesn’t mean your summer has to. You and your BFFs need to squeeze the, uh, daylights outta daylight savings time. Strike the phrase, “There’s nothing to do,” from your life right this minute. How? GL readers spill on the 20 funnest ways you and your friends can turn summer into the sweetest season of all.

PLAY POOL “You can’t beat a traditional pool party. We invite everyone we know, turn on the music and splash around. We have diving contests, water balloon fights, relay races and, when we get too tired, we slather on sunscreen and lay out. We tell each other secrets and just have a great time.”

REMINISCE “My friends and I have a Last-Year Party! We take a stroll down memory lane and talk about all the fun things that happened all year long. Then we all guess what we think will happen to each other in the coming year. It’s a blast!”

TAKE A STAND “You and your friends like meeting hotties, right? Lots of boys play summer sports. Last summer, my BFF and I figured out where they practiced and set up a homemade lemonade stand. Not only did we make money by selling our lemonade, but we met tons of cute guys!”

SHAKE IT “My BFF and I dance to our favorite CDs. After four CDs, we each pick three songs off each one and have a dance contest against my neighbors. The best part is that our BFs are the judges. My BFF and I win a lot since we practice every day!”

STAY COOL “During a really scorching week, go to an indoor ice-skating rink. For the first time in months, you can bundle up, have hot chocolate and feel cold.”

DRESS UP “My BFF and I dress in really crazy outfits and go to the park. People stare and giggle, but it’s way hilarious to us—we take lots of pictures and put them in our scrapbook.”

SET UP CAMP “Last summer, two of my friends and I camped out in my backyard. Just to be funny, we made our tent ‘safe’ by making a bunch of crazy traps to keep the ‘skunks’ away. A night camping outdoors with your buds makes some great memories.”

CATCH A FLICK “My friends and I go to a movie after it’s been in theaters for a while. We go at an odd hour so we have the theater all to ourselves. No one minds if we talk, laugh and make silly comments about the film.”

SAY, ‘AAAH’ “Have a spa party. Make flavored water (just add slices of lemon, lime, pineapple and orange), and do face masks, manicures, pedicures and makeup. Everyone wears a robe and slippers, and we play relaxing music while we read GL.”

HANG 10 “Grab your BFF, put on your cutest swimsuit, go to the beach, and wait until a hot surfer walks by—then ask for surf lessons.”

KID AROUND “You’re never too old for Slip’n Slide!” Sit tight “Open a babysitting business. Three of my friends and I watch 12 little kids for two hours at the park every day. We have games planned, and we’re all trained to handle emergencies. It’s a super way to make money and hang with your friends.”

ROLL ’EM “My BFF and I used a video camera to make our own movie. After we finished our masterpiece, we invited our family and friends for a movie night. It was really awesome.”

MAKE WAVES “We put on our bathing suits, go outside and tan in the front yard. While we’re out there, we wave at everyone who drives by as if we know them. Too funny.”

SHOW OFF “My BFF and I organize a talent show featuring all the kids in the neighborhood. It’s a great way to get to know girls who don’t go to your school or are new in town.”

PARK IT “At the start of the season, buy an amusement park pass. Some parks sell a pass that’s good for the entire summer for the price of just a few days. Not only do you have fun on the rides, but it’s the best place to meet cute boys.”

BUM AT THE BEACH “I love going to the beach with my BFF. We dig for sand crabs, boogie-board, have a sandcastle-building contest and always seem to find cute guys who want to play Frisbee with us.”

HIT THE ROAD “I live in a small town with not much to do. When my friends and I want to do something fun, we save up our cash for a road trip. Even by driving just a few hours, we get to see some great new things. We check out new cool beaches and shop all the touristy stores. It’s a really fun way to get out and have a great time.”

KICK BACK “Invite your closest friends to come over and hang out…then pretty much just relax. I mean what’s summer, if you can’t chill?”

RISE AND SHINE “Meet your friends for breakfast once a week at a coffee shop. It’s a great way to catch up and start your day.”

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by GL | 2/1/2016