What’s the real definition of a date? According to Webster’s dictionary, a “date” is: “A social appointment with a member of the other gender.” Ugh, sounds like a visit to the dentist. Forget Webster’s—we’ll define it ourselves. A date is when a girl and a guy hang out together so they can get to know each other better. No more, no less.

Q: Does there have to be a kiss or something for it to be an actual date?

A: Nope. It’s the time spent together that makes it a date, not whether or not there’s a kiss during that time.

Q: What is a normal age to start dating?

A: No such thing—every girl is different.

Q: What if my parents won’t let me date yet?

A: Then respect their wishes. They’re trying to do what’s best for you. The good news is that all the daughters who’ve been told they can’t date until high school have lived to tell about it.

Q: What’s a good date to start out with?

A: Going out with a small group of guys and girls lets you get to know him without extra pressure. Conversation will flow easily, and you can see whether he’s really the cat’s meow.

Q: When I start dating, is it okay to ask a guy out?

A: Sure. Girls no longer have to sit by the phone waiting for a call. (We can’t believe they ever did.) Again, group dates make this a breeze: “Hey, a bunch of us are going to the movies this Saturday. Want to go?” Or, if he mentions after class that he likes mountain biking and you do too, ask him if he wants to go the park.

Q: What if he says, “No,” or worse yet, “You mean with YOU?”

A: Then he’s a moron, so don’t waste one more second of your time thinking about him. It takes guts to ask someone out, and a cool guy will respect you for asking—whether he wants to go out or not.

Q: What other advice would you offer when it comes to dating?

A: Don’t try to be the type of girl you think he’d be attracted to. If you two are going on a date, that means he already likes you—for who you are. Inevitably, girls who pretend to be someone else will have to admit that they lied (which looks pretty silly). It’s not worth it. Besides, you’re awesome—as is.

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7/31/2009 7:00:00 AM