Too Friendly: How to tame the flirt… before someone gets hurt


What’s up with your BFF? Lately, her clothes are super-tight, she’s an eyelash-batting pro and a little too touchy-feely with every boy on the basketball team—including your BF!

Hey, Whaddup?: Is your pal ultra-friendly by nature? What might appear as in-his-face flirty may be her innate Miss Congeniality personality. She could be fishing for attention, too. Either way, she probably doesn’t realize others get the wrong impression. Give your girl props for her warm ways, but gently tell her some of her moves (the playful arm grabbing or shirt tugging) cross over a line into a guy’s personal space.

Peeps are Chirpin’:  People in and out of your circle are talking about your girl—and it ain’t good. As a loyal BFF you’ve got her back, so bring the buzz to her attention. But do it with love. Let her know she can exit-ramp off the road to Bad Repsville by acting with tact and dressing appropriately (raid her closet—and yours—to show her that she can be tasteful and still look super-hot!).

Draw the Line: Point out to your pal that other girls (and even you) may be jealous of the face time she’s getting with the boys. Be sure she understands there are lines she should never cross. Warming up to the newly single class prez? Nice! Flirting with your guy or someone else’s? Not so much. If she cares about her friends, she won’t move in on already-claimed territory. She should practice her skills on a guy who isn’t off-limits.

Lighthearted Fun: Flirting can be harmless—as long as it’s done subtly. Coyly shooting a half-grin at the cutie in trig is a lot more appealing than tackily displayed booty. Give your girl snaps for having the guts to go after a guy, but even more props whenever she catches his eye without eliciting any unwanted attention along the way.

Be her No. 1: Be sure your bestest knows you’re her cheerleader in life. You want her to be who she is and be there for her in a sec if the time calls for advice or support. It’s important she knows you’re not criticizing—you just care about her.

-Patricia McNamara


4/17/2009 7:00:00 AM