Not So Terrible Twosome

You two are thisclose.  So how do you share the spotlight?

You’re super tight with your BFF, and that’s great. But sometimes other gal pals can feel left out. Here’s how to share the love.

Lunchtime Laughs

The Scene: You and your BFF are gabbing away at lunch about the amazing weekend you had. You notice two of your other close buds are exchanging eye-rolls and looking annoyed.

THE SHARE: First off, ask your other friends what they were up to over the weekend. Be sure to show some genuine interest. Then, suggest that you all get together as a group this coming Saturday for a girls’ night. Toss out ideas for things to do, but don’t lead the pack. Plan it out with the crew.

Tix For Two

The Scene: You scored amazing tickets for the Jonas Brothers, and it’s assumed you’ll take your BFF. Thing is, another girl in your crew is a total Jo Bros fanatic, and your friend isn’t so much.

THE SHARE: This is the perfect opp to bond with another bud over your common love for the Apparatus. Take your friend who truly appreciates the band. Since your BFF isn’t all that into the music, she should be cool with it.

Day at the Museum

The Scene: When your class takes a field trip to the museum, you and your BFF head full-speed for the Egyptian exhibit (you’re both convinced you were Cleopatra in a past life!).

THE SHARE: Slow down. Seek out your friends, and include them in your quest. Then get them to point out their fave impressionist paintings so you can all discuss mummies and Monet together on the bus ride back.

-Andrea Thompson


5/15/2009 7:00:00 AM