Wow 'em at the winter semi: 4 steps to the slow dance of your dreams

Don’t wait all night for your dream guy to ask you. He could be shy, or just blowing a great chance to slow-dance because he doesn’t know how to ask you. Why can’t you ask him? No way, you say? To help you muster up some slow-dance courage, we surveyed guys on the secret to getting them on the floor. Here’s our foolproof five-step slow-dance approach.

It’s best to get your guy and girl groups mingling. Some girls are more comfortable approaching when a guy is alone or with a few members of his group, but don’t be fooled. Just like you, he may find safety in numbers, and he might not know what to say, either. Josh, 13, of Atlanta, Ga., advises, “Just hang around. Walk up and say hi.” If one of your friends is a friend of his friend, even better. Let the buddies break the ice.

Maneuver so you’re near your crush, if he perks up or seems interested in talking, stay put. If he’s shy, he may not give some of the usual signs of interest, like making eye contact and asking you questions. Watch out for other clues—is he joking around and showing off? Also, pay attention to what he does when you talk to other people. Do his eyes follow you? Bingo!

If you can’t ask straight out for some one-on-one dance time, it never hurts to drop a hint. After all, someone has to take the first step. Waiting for him has at least one benefit: If he asks, you’ll know he’s definitely interested. The downside: Waiting!

So relax, smile, and just ask. You don’t have to make a big deal of it. Say (don’t squeal—it’s no surprise, after all), “Oh, my song! Do you want to dance?”

Be prepared for him to say no, and if he does, don’t let it get you down. It’s possible he’s not into you, but he could just be shy, embarrassed in front of his friends or insecure about his dancing abilities (lots of guys are!). Don’t dwell on the rejection—grab your BFFs and get back on the dance floor.

But if he says, “Yes,” (yes!), now’s the time to give him your best smile, take his hand and spring our slow-dance how-to secrets into action!

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by Jennifer Pangyanszki | 2/1/2016
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