American Idol Recap: You Voted!

Group 3’s top 3: Li’l Rounds, Jorge Nunez and Scott MacIntyre definitely deserve their spots in the top 12. America seems to be in agreement with the judges’ comments, which were totally positive for the 3 lucky contestants.

The long awaited wild card group was also revealed. The judges started out by announcing third group member Von Smith who was totally elated. Von was joined by 4 members of group 2: Jasmine Murray, Matt Giraud, Jesse Langseth and Megan Corkrey. Lastly, Anoop Desai, Ricky Braddy and Tatiana Del Toro from week one took a seat on the comfy couch with the rest of the wild card winners. I will definitely be holding my breath for 24 hours, waiting to get a glimpse of these talented performers one last time before the final 3 picks. What may very well seem like an eternity will be well worth the wait! I’m super excited to see just how these contestants kick it up a notch as they compete to secure a spot in the top 12!

Do you agree with the judge’s wild card selections? Who are your faves out of the remaining 8? Would you have put through the same contestants in the third group?  Let us know your thoughts, girlies!


by Jami | 2/1/2016