EDITOR'S BLOG: The Daily Challenge

Recently, I realized my routine was getting a little too, uh, routine. The result? My brand-new idea for an insta blast of healthy goodness: the daily challenge. 
Each day, I’m gonna do one thing (big or small) to test myself. And it can’t just be “Go for a run,” ‘cause I do that all the time. A daily challenge is more specific like, “I will add 4 sprints to my run.” Other ideas: skipping my post-lunch Kit-Kat, promising to chug 3 waterbottles of H20 (I’m perma-parched) or trying out the scary machines at the gym. I’m gonna add mental stuff too (“I will stop holding that grudge—now!”).
So, are you girlies on board? Your challenge should be something you can achieve in a day, but wouldn’t necessarily normally do. This morning, mine was as simple as getting outta bed in time to go to yoga (a stretch, but doable). Tomorrow? I’m gonna update my G-Life journal for the whole month of March.
Ahh, feelin’ better already!
Healthy hearts,
Katie A.

Blog it out…What kind of challenges will you set for yourself? 


3/5/2009 2:58:00 PM