Dream of Taking the Stage?

Photo CR: Eric Johnston/MTV

Well, MTV’s hottest new series, Taking The Stage, might give ya a boost as it follows the lives of some of the brightest students at Cincinnati’s famed School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA). Known for producing world-renowned dancers, singers and musicians, the school launched the careers of stars such as Nick Lachey and Sarah Jessica Parker. (Nick even conceptualized the show and is the show’s executive producer! Pretty cool, right?)
Photo CR: Olaf Heine/MTV

We got an inside peek at the new show and just had to share what’s in store…

In the first episode, we are introduced to some amazing dancers, along with an aspiring singer/songwriter.

New kid Tyler must prove his dancing abilities to the dominant hip-hop group on campus, The Definition, who are led by Malik and supported by BFFs, Shaakira and Jasmine. Jasmine has to straddle the line between defending her instant crush, Tyler, and keeping things real with her friends. The pull between sides leads to an impromptu dance-off during lunch in the cafeteria. (Oh, if only every school could provide that entertainment during the day and call it ‘being creative’!)

Throughout the episode, we watch the students prepare for the fall talent show, attended by top execs from record labels and dance companies. But who will win the attention from the judges and the highest reputation in school? Tyler’s newly formed dance crew, Black Rain, Malik’s flock, The Definition, and our singer/songwriter, Mia, who is inspired by the troublesome boy in her life, all have a shot.

Watch as the cameras capture every moment as students’ dreams unfold while forming lifelong bonds through their artistic expression, with tears and trials along the way.
Be sure to check out Taking The Stage when it premieres Thursday, March 19 at 10 p.m. on MTV and let us know what you think!


by Amanda Vinci | 2/1/2016