This poem is about my friend who is currently battling neuroblastoma. Please publish this to let her see that it’s not only her family, friends and I that care about her. The world needs her back.

Weak cannot describe you
For I cannot lie
You've been fighting this illness
Are you're still strong inside?

It is possible for you
Not young and not old
To defeat this cancer
This killer that makes my blood run cold.

I've seen how it's changed you
I've seen what it's hailed
The cancer is a murderer
But I cannot have it jailed.

Please don't give up—remission is near
We all need to hear
"I'm going to be alright—really I am.
I love you all, don't you understand?"

I do understand, we all do
But the old you has left
We've seen your long hair fall out
We've heard you wish for death.

That time is not near
I promise, my dear
Just keep fighting
I love you...I swear.

Kate B., 12


3/21/2009 7:00:00 AM