Getting to Know Nolan Gerard Funk

He played aspiring rock star Nikko Alexander in Nickelodeon’s smash hit Spectacular!. But just how spectacular is this 22-year-old rising star? We had to get him on the phone to see for ourselves. Here’s what we dug up…

He goes green “I am really conscious in terms of the environment. I like to read [up on it] as much as possible. When I go grocery shopping, I like to get reusable bags.”

He’s a singing machine “[During takes] Victoria would start singing a song or Tammin, and we would all just start singing together. It was pretty dorky but really fun. I think I [would sing] ‘No Air’--just some casual, overly dramatic romantic ballad.”

He has a major sweet tooth “While on set I was eating this white chocolate with pieces of coco nibs in it. I would be on this sugar rush eating four bars of chocolate a day while all of the women were just staring at me with total hate. I also really like gummy worms that I recently started buying at Whole Foods. They just taste really, really good.”

He’s bilingual “I view Spectacular! as this coming of age sort of movie. That wasn’t really my high school experience. I went to a French immersion school. We had to do this presentation in 9th grade [where] we had to pick a topic and do a speech. Somehow in my whacked, 14-year-old brain, I came up with this entire speech on love and its importance on society. Then I decided to write a song and I sang [it] to the class in French. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

He’s a family man “My dad is not amused by the silver screen. He doesn’t get excited about Hollywood. [But] he went to a screening of the film and sent me this email that said, ‘When I watched your movie, I felt young again.’ That was the best. If all else fails, just the fact that I could affect my dad with my work was the coolest.”

He’s a shy guy “Recently, I was having breakfast with a friend back home. She decided in front of the whole restaurant to pull out some magazine that I was in, held it up for everyone and was like, ‘It’s my friend Nolan! He’s going to be a big star!' She was freaking out. I was blushing. I was so embarrassed. As much as it might appear in the film, when it comes to that kind of attention, I’m actually quite shy.”

Be sure to catch Spectacular! when it heads to DVD March 31.

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-Patricia McNamara


3/28/2009 7:00:00 AM