Dating on the DL

I’m 14, and my parents are overprotective! I’m not allowed to have a BF, and I feel guilty because I’ve been seeing a guy. How can I tell my parents in a way that won’t make them totally freak out?

Figure out a good time to talk with your parents—like on a leisurely Saturday, not right when they get off work. Tell them you’re ready for more freedom. Remind them you’re a responsible gal—you’re always home by curfew, and you take out the trash without being told. (Um…you do, right? If not, shape up!)
Explain that you’ve been spending time with someone you like. Tell them how nice the guy is and that you’d like their permission to go out on group dates. Assure them it’s nothing serious and that you don’t want to keep secrets from them. If they’re sticklers and still aren’t sold, remember they’re just looking out for you. It’s tough for some parents to watch their “babies” grow up, so go easy on them. Why not invite your BF to dinner so they can meet him? Be patient, stay calm and, hopefully, they’ll be willing to compromise.
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4/2/2009 7:00:00 AM