DEAR CAROL: Stuck in the Middle

Dear Carol,
My friend is dating my ex, and I still like him a little. Now that she’s seeing him, I feel sad and alone.


Dear Lonely,

That’s a double whammy. I’m not surprised you have lingering feelings for your ex, especially since you now have to hear about him from your friend. It’s almost always harder to get over someone who is part of your group, or worse, going out with a friend. But wait—is it possible you still like him a little because your friend suddenly likes him a lot? Remind yourself of what bugged you about him.

Also try to look beyond the two of them and realize your school is full of other guys and girls. Why not check out potential new crushes and say “hi” to a new boy? And how about making plans with a girl you’ve never called before? The cure for loneliness is staying active, reaching out to others and realizing the world is a whole lot bigger than the number of kids in your classes.

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4/4/2009 7:00:00 AM