Brainy Baby

I really feel like I’m a baby in intermediate classes because I'm in fifth grade and all the older sixth graders sometimes treat like I'm sooo young. They think that they are like grown women and men while me and the other fifth graders are babies. I don't know what to do in class because I feel uncomfortable. Please help me.

Hey girl, kudos on being such a hard worker and getting placed in advanced classes! You might be feeling a little over-whelmed but remember that you were put in these classes for a reason. You deserve to be there just as much as the sixth graders do!

So, why are these older kids acting this way? They're probably a li'l uncomfortable about sharing classes with younger students. They also might be intimidated by how smart ya are. So, the only way to really assert themselves is to act like they're sooo much older than you are.

Don't get scared off by their "big kid" act. The only reason they're being this way is to try to gain some control over the classroom. It only shows that they're way insecure. Ironically this is actually a very IMMATURE way to deal with this situation.

The best thing you can do is be yourself and try your hardest. If there are other fifth graders in your class, reach out to them! Ask them if they want to get together for a study sesh or hang out and do your homework. If you make new friends you'll actually look FORWARD to going to your class. Studying with a group will boost your grades, up your confidence and give you a whole new set of peeps to hang with inside and outside of class.

And just keep being nice to the sixth graders. If you let them see that their teasing and belittling isn't effecting you, they'll prob give up and just accept you for who you are. You may want to reach out to them too. Crack a few jokes the next time you have a sub, groan to the girl next to you about how hard last night's math worksheet was or offer a pencil to the older guy sitting next to you (added bonus if he's a serious cutie!). Just keep up that confidence, babe, and I'm sure you'll be scoring an A+ socially and academically!

-Katie S.

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4/9/2009 7:00:00 AM