Fun Easter Ideas!

Easter is the perf time to ring in spring! GL's got some fun, Easter-inspired activities that you and your girls can use to spice up your Friday night get-together. 

Ready...Set...Egg Race!

Get your girlies together to compete in the ultimate Easter egg painting contest. All you need are some eggs (a dozen or so will do), pastel paint, paint brushes and a timer. First, hard boil the eggs or else they'll crack! 

Once your eggs are ready to go, it's time to get your creative juices flowin'. Get your supplies all lined up. Pass out one egg to each of your pals. Set a timer for five minutes. Ready...set...paint those eggs! 

How to decorate? Use a fab mixture with lotsa colors and get creative!  Try painting your name or even some cool patterns to make your egg the envy of all your friends. Get as unique as you can before the timer runs out. For some great egg decorating tips GO HERE.

Once you're done, see who made the most excellent Easter egg. Pass out pieces of paper to each of your pals, and write down who you think is the winner. You can even use your eggs as decorations once the contest is over (the 'rents will love it!). 

BFF Bunnies 'n' Chicks  

Nothing says spring like all the adorable fuzzy bunnies and chicks we can’t help but love. To make these cute crafts you'll need some white cotton balls, yellow pom poms, q-tips, glue and colorful construction paper. To add a li'l glimmer to your DIY decor gather up some fun stuff like extra buttons, glitter and sequins.  

First, take a few cotton balls (four or five will do) and put glue on the bottom of each one. Smush them together so that they stick. Next, take two q-tips and stick them out of the top of the cotton so that they stand up like rabbit ears! Use some black construction paper for the eyes, pink for a cute, button nose, and red for some lil bunny lips. Or, get creative with any of the shiny scraps you've collected. Cut out each feature and carefully glue it onto the cotton face of your rad li'l rabbit. 

More a chickie chica? Take yellow pom poms and glue 'em together to create the cutest chickies ever. Grab a piece of orange construction paper and cut out a triangle for your bird’s beak. Add any fun extras to make your chick oh-so-chic!

Our idea? Stick your cute crafts into a personalized Easter basket for your BFFs, your fam or even your crush. Just add Easter candy – colored jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps are some of our faves – or homemade cookies. Tie pretty pastel ribbons on the handle and top it off with a cute 'n' colorful card. So sweet! 

PLUS! Stumped on what to wear to an Easter affair? CLICK HERE for our updated take on a classic Easter outfit. 

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by Jami Katz | 2/1/2016