My (Very!) Fair Lady

I have really, really fair skin. I am not even kidding, it's about as white as you can get without being albino. Sometimes I feel really uncomfortable with my skin because it gets a tint of red/pink.

It just looks weird to me, but my friends just say that I look great and I should embrace the paleness but then some annoying bully says something and I try to act like it doesn't bother me, but it does. Why is my skin so pinky/reddy sometimes, but just ghost white other times? How can I feel better about it?

-Chameleon Skin

Hey Babes,

So you're unhappy with your pale skin, huh? I actually have super pale skin, too. And I used to be so embarrassed that I went tanning, used home tanning lotion, and tried everything else under the sun to make my fair skin darker. None of it worked. It made me look orange, or even worse off than I had in the beginning. It was so silly. And as a pale skin crusader, I'm here to tell you to totally embrace your shade!

It might seem annoying that all your friends can develop terrific tans while you burn and turn red, but having fair skin can be beautiful! Um, hello, ask any Twilight fan one of their favorite features about Edward Cullen and his sparkling skin is way up on that list! Paler tints of skin can make certain colors of eyes seem brighter, can show kinds of makeup darker, and can be easier to work with when you sporting certain styles. The thing to think about is that you're a package deal,and I'm sure that pink hue came along with an awesome set of eyes and probably gorgeous hair that matches your tone!

So, there's no cause for concern, light-skinned lassie. The only reason to worry? If your skin seems to be red due to a rash or hives. If the redness in your skin is painful and flaky, it could be eczema, a skin illness, and if you think it is, CLICK HERE for the 411 or just visit your derm.

xo Annemarie
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4/19/2009 7:00:00 AM