I Blabbed About My BFF's Bedwetting

My BFF slept over at my house and wet the bed. I swore not to tell anyone. But I told one friend on the bus and told her not to tell anyone. But, by the end of the day, our whole class knew! What should I do?

Oops. You slipped. Anytime a sentence is prefaced with, “Promise you won’t tell anyone this, but…,” there’s a good likelihood the person you’re telling will repeat it – just like you did. That’s how an entire school ends up knowing information meant to stay private.

Now that you’ve messed up, it’s time for damage control. Your friend is going to realize you spilled the beans, so ’fess up and offer your most sincere apology. Then drop the subject rather than causing your friend further embarrassment. It takes a while to earn trust back, so she might just need time to get over it. And you might have to accept that she may not forgive it anytime soon.

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4/16/2009 7:00:00 AM