EDITORS BLOG: Spring Showers

Hey ladies,

Hope your spring’s going swimmingly—without being too wet. It’s been pretty rainy lately. Are you girls experiencing some serious spring showers as well?

My windbreaker is working on overdrive between drizzly walks and soggy jogs. But, hey, I’m not made of sugar and have survived (and feel better, too!). Do you girls exercise outside in the rain or take cover and workout indoors? As long as it’s still safe—ie, no downpours, no lightning, no trail running, no sprinting and the track is well-lit—I get a kick out of training in the elements.

Speaking of training, my first race of the running season is in two weeks! Are your spring sports and activities heating up? This event is for fun—it’s a charity race that I’m doing with my girl Julie.

I’m pushing through these sopping days by keeping my upcoming 6K in my head. What’s motivating you right this minute? It won’t be my fastest race ever (it’s still early in the season). I’m psyched to raise moolah for a good cause and, hey, that’s a bit of sunshine, right?

Healthy hearts,
Katie A. 

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4/16/2009 5:10:00 PM