GLs Guide to being green: Summer

Earth Day festivities are just around the bend! Check out 77 big and little ways you can help save the planet with a week-long DO list. Every little bit counts!
DAY 5: Summer

1. Why spend loads trekkin’ thousands of miles away on your so-last-year family vacay? Ditch the one time summer stint and take more mini local trips to have fun and relax. Camp out at your local park, hit the ballgames, zoos, nearby beaches, whatever. You’ll save loads and have so much more to look forward to.

70,000: Tons of waste that cruise ships produce in just the Caribbean each year. –

2. Last year’s suit totally tattered and torn? If you’re buying a new suit, why not get one that was made with Mama Earth in mind. Suits made with organic fabrics are just as cute and affordable!
(Left to Right): Raisins Organic Groove Swimsuit,; Billabong Organic Sunshine Swimwear,

3. Wanna amp up the AC on a hot summer’s day? Go grab an ice-cold drink or snow cone with friends before ya touch that dial. You’ll be surprised at how fast the slushy goodness can cool down your body temp au natural.

Check out some of our fave summer slurps:

Berry Good Smoothie
Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
Cool Frozen Treats…That are Actually Good for Ya!

4. Already made plans to stowaway to Auntie Anne’s beach house? Think about making the journey via rail or road. You’ll get a lot more scenic views and won’t have to worry about getting your luggage mauled by airport security. 

20,462 tons: The amount of CO2 a family of four heading from NYC to LA in their gas-guzzling SUV would save over that same trip by air. –

5. Flowers withering away from the strong sunny rays? Save as much rainwater when it pours and recycle it to your lawn when ya go through dry spells.

6. Plans for a BBQ blowout for the 4th? Ask your ‘rents to nix charcoal briquettes and pick up charcoal made with natural products or propane instead. It’s better for the earth and your tummy.

7. Ya gals know to slatter on the sunscreen before leavin’ the house to protect your skin from scorchin’ rays, right? Opt for organic sunscreens that use natural ingredients, like Soléo Organics’ All Natural Sunscreen, The packagin’ is eco-friendly, too. 

8. Hate having to wait for your ‘rents to drop you off at your besties? Have a play-date picnic with your BF at the park? Don’t wait around, hit the pavement with your bike or walk.

9. Heading to the pool, amusement park or beach? Wrap up your lunch in Tupperware and pack it in some ice to eat when ya get there. $20 bucks for unhealthy fries and sammies? Not for you. Plus, ya nix excess trash.

10. Lookin’ to score sweet duds to cover up cute by the pool? Surf the web and the racks for A-dorable dresses, tanks, boardshorts and more all made from organic threads.

Element Canyon Dress,

11. Bored outta your mind with another 2 looong months before school starts? Get out there and socialize with do-gooders just like you. Check out your local Habitat for Humanity and help plant trees while meeting new peeps! 
Find out more ways to do your part:
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by GL | 2/1/2016