GLs Guide to being green: Fun stuff

Earth Day festivities are just around the bend! Check out 77 big and little ways you can help save the planet with a week-long DO list. Every little bit counts!
DAY 6: Fun Stuff
1. Be a gardening goddess. Vamp up your outdoor space with fresh freesias and pretty petunias in your flowerbed. Your ‘rents will be wowed by your green thumb skills and you’ll do your part for the environment.

2. Treasure your trash with creative crafts. Recycle old bottles of soda or drinks and make a fun vase for some flowers.

See below for more ways to turn your waste to wonders:

Cheery New Chairs
Craft Special: Fab Recycled Capri Sun Bags
Pocket Change

3. Live on the surf in the summer, beach babe? Sling your sporty gear in a recycled or organic pack, like Dakine’s Project Blue Oceana backpack (—made from recycled plastic bottles and 100% PVC free!

4. School dances are awesome and getting dolled up is always fun, but why not get dazzled for a great cause? Arrange a Go Green Gala with your school (or at your house) where the proceeds can go towards helping your fave green cause. (Save the polar bears, anyone?) Don’t forget to serve organic foods and snacks, of course!

5. Get a great workout and walk to school with your fellow neighborhood commuters. Want to go one step further? Talk to your school about assigning a supervised adult to each bus stop to accompany students on their journey all throughout your district. Schools are already beginning to take part, check it out!

6. Getting rid of old gadgets, gizmos and outfits you don’t want anymore? Instead of canning them, organize a yard sale with fam and friends. The neighbors will def be down to buy a CD or cute shirt around the corner rather than trekkin’ to the mall. Reusing and reducing trash, and scoring cash? Doesn’t get any better than that!

7. Enjoy the awesome weather and bond with your besties over a great green picnic. Bring lots of organic fruits and veggies from your local farmer’s market, and pack them up in Tupperware. Spend the day munchin’ and chattin’ away. So fun!

8. Dreading writing out those HW probs at school? Talk to your teachers and work out an email system. Exchange email addresses with your class and send them essays, compare notes with your classmates, whatever! You’ll reduce paper usage and can totally keep in contact and with your school pals over the summer.

9. Love to give cards? Instead of buying pricey greetings that are sure to get chucked into the can, send cards via cyberspace for free.  You can spend a fun filled day getting creative and designing your own while saving bills and a whole lotta’ paper, too!

Check out these sites to get send one today!

10. Get your girlies together and cook up something other than food. Make your own shampoos and scrubs, scented to your liking. Once your bathroom necessities are rockin’ and ready for use, test them out! Wash each other’s hair and have fun styling away some stylish do’s (and even some don’ts to get a good laugh).

Get the how-to: Chill! Create Your Own Spa

11. Call for a BFF luncheon and play the chef for a day. Cook up foods that are natural, not the ones that you unwrap and microwave. Try tossin’ your own salad and throwin’ a few veggies in for a healthy dinner. Make some extra and feed the ‘rents while you’re at it!

Lookin’ for yummy-tummy recipes?

Your Choice Tossed Salad
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by GL | 2/1/2016