American Idol Recap: Final Four

Rat Pack night continued at eliminations with a jumpin’ jazzy performance by the top 5 singing “It Don’t Mean a Thing” and “I Got Rhythm.” After some soulful fun, it was time to get serious.  
Ryan first called Matt Giraud to step to the right of the stage. Was this the good side? Was Matt safe?! No one knew! Next, Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta stepped to the left and Kris Allen was told to join his buddy Matt on the right. 
Alas, Adam Lambert stood alone in the center of the stage. Unsure of which group he would join, Ryan totally put him on the spot by asking which group he thinks he belongs in based on their performances. With hesitancy, Adam walked over to join Allison and Danny. I agreed with his decision until Ryan totally surprised me and moved Adam over to Matt and Kris. He then announced that they were in fact the bottom 3. Wow, talk about surprises!
To break the tension, Natalie Cole performed “Something’s Gotta Give.” It came at a good time, but I can’t say it calmed my nerves. Next performing live was Taylor Hicks, former American Idol winner. Taylor performed his latest single “Seven Mile Break Down,” and he proved that he was still the same goofy, talented, fun loving Taylor we all knew before.

Seacrest soon emerged and I knew that meant business, once again. Ryan revealed that Kris Allen was safe and the bottom 2 were now Matt and Adam.
Jamie Foxx managed to get everyone on their feet soon after with his number one song “Blame It.” I def got into the beat and forgot that we would be losing an idol in just a few short moments.  
Finally, it was announced that Adam was safe and Matt’s journey on American Idol would end. I totally wiped my tears and smiled. It is SO not the end for Matt, it’s def the beginning (as the judges would say).

So, what did you babez think of the show? Do you agree with Matt’s elimination? Let us know!

PHOTO CR: Frank Micelotta/FOX


by Jami | 2/1/2016