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The not-so-secret life of Shailene Woodley
You’ve seen her tackle the topsy-turvy life of a teenage mom on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but what’s Shailene Woodley's real deal? Shai shares how she snagged her gig, channels her inner nerd and handled hard times, like her parent’s divorce and battling scoliosis.

Want more deets? CLICK HERE to read Shai's on-set SLAT secrets, premiering on ABC Family June 22.
Shailene spills what it was like to be on our June/July ’09 cover! 
Yay! It’s our “OMG, I love how I look in this suit” special!
We found the cutest suit for YOUR shape. Small, tall, thin, curvy--we’re lovin' the beautiful shapes of all our beach babes and finding them the best fit ever.

10 Tips For A Totally Gorgeous Summer
Lounge lovely with GL’s tips and tricks for a fab faux tan, bacne banishment, silky legs, smooth strands and loads more. Plus: SPF...your new BFF! We tell ya what to really look for when you're scopin' the shelves for sunscreen.

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180 FREE ways to be a Back-to-School Bombshell
Lookin’ to hit the halls with a marvelous makeover? We're givin' away cute clutches, totally fab tees and knarly kicks all through July. Plus one denim diva AND her bestie will step into the spotlight with a pair of spankin’ new jeans every month for the WHOLE school year from Amethyst Jeans! That’s NINE pairs of presh picks! CLICK HERE to download the July’s “School Style” Giveaway Calendar now!
GL GUYS: Before he cheats
Is your BF playing by the rules or a total player? The 6 signs every girl needs to know to keep her relationship on track and in check.

10 Things to Love about Your Dad
Real girls share their aww-worthy moments with their dad. And how to make this Father’s Day the best ever yet with pops!
Bonnie Wright: Harry Potter’s New Love
Workin’ with Daniel Radcliffe? Swoon. Kissin’ Harry Potter? Double swoon. Bonnie Wright’s dishin’ the deets on the wonderful life of bein’ a Weasley—she’s Ginny, duh!—plus the inside scoop on the new HP and, most importantly, smoochin’ with (ahem!) a certain cast member. 

Watch NOW! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince out July 15!

Your Perfect Summer Wardrobe…Found!
From breezy blouses and accessories to sweet skirts and cover-ups, your closet will stay ultra cool despite the blazin’ hot temps.

Bust That Boredom FAST!
Snoozin’ the summer away with nothing, nada, zilch to do? GL’s bustin’ those lazy days with loads of sizzlin’ fun! 
Our instant summer shape up!
Kick butt and look amazing in that bikini with our summer shape up secrets. Makeover your salad, grab an exercise buddy and get even MORE of our Healthy You Program. PLUS win a super-cool bike. CLICK HERE to enter now!

What’s your summer crushin’ style?

How are you going to snag a sweetie this season? Take this quiz to uncover your warm-weather romance road map.

1. You get a text from Tim, your longtime crush, asking what’s up Friday. You…
A) text him back, “No plans yet! Where are we hanging?!” Then you send him a line of question marks when he still hasn’t answered 20 minutes later.
B) get those super excited butterflies and wait about and hour to text him you’re going to Jen’s party, and he can join you if he doesn’t have other plans.
C) freak out then call your BFF to plan your response. Then do five drafts of “IDK, u?” before you sleep on it and finally send him a text back the next day.

2. Time for your crew’s annual end-of-school, hello-summer sleepover—which means taking turns pranking your crushes. When it’s your turn, you…
A) narrow it down to your top five fellas. Then you call pretending to be conducting a love survey, asking ‘em who they like, what their fave hobbies are and where they’ll be tomorrow night.
B) call your crush, saying you’re from the local pizza place with a pie for him from a secret admirer. You hold back giggles at how confused he is, then dissolve into laughter when he hangs up.
C) chicken out and make your BFF do it. You make her swear there’ll be no mention of your name and no way to tell who’s calling.

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GL Special Report: When Love Hurts
It’s been the hot topic on tabloids, but girls have been battered by boyfriends waaay before celeb scandals. Victims find the courage to speak out and share their stories of tragedy and how they mustered up the courage to fight their way out.

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