My "Friend" Makes Fun Of Me!

I'm fed up with my friend teasing me. I especially hate it when she does it in front of her other friends because they, of course laugh. It makes me feel so low! I can't do anything about it without hurting her or making her angry. I'm really a nice person, and I want to be nice to everyone.

-Tired Of Her

Dear Tired Of Her,

You're worried about not hurting her or making her angry when she is hurting you and making you angry. On the phone, tell her you like her but don't like the teasing and hope she'll stop.

And if she still doesn't stop?Ask yourself what's in this friendship for you. After all, there's nice and there's too nice, and I hate to see you being the chump. (P.S. While she doesn't sound like an ideal friend, she'd be even worse as an enemy, so tread carefully!)

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by Carol Weston | 2/1/2016