Drama, Drama, Drama!

Do you have what it takes to remain on top?!

Think old school board games with a modern tech twist. Drama Queens, a new 3D board game for Nintendo DS, allows you to compete with others as you juggle boyfriends, work promotions and friendships, all while trying to remain the most popular girl around. Every spin of the wheel lands you on a new space that throws a new challenge or bonus points to your drama-fun life.

The object of the game: gain the most popularity points among the players. You can choose which path you need to work on in life--focusing on your career, love life or friendships. In each of these areas, players must face real-life dramas to survive being the ultimate Drama Queen! BFFs have the ability to steal BFs, you have to learn to work up the ladder to the top of the Fashion Industry, plus stay interested in that special guy in your life. (Ours even serenaded us!)

But watch out for “Drama Spots,” which can lead to tricky situations (like losing your job, having your BFF stand you up, or even another girl snagging your cutie).
Gain points while playing to score outfits, BFFs or even BFs from the “Fashion Boutique.” And explore big worlds, like the Fashion Mall, Glamour Runway, Dance Club and Hollywood Hills through four different levels. Did we mention it’s all from the confines of your DS screen?!

Grab up to three of your friends to play along. Bragging rights for world’s “Most Popular” has never been so much fun. Be on the lookout for Drama Queens, releasing this month. And for more info on the game check out

When real-life drama comes your way, who do you rely on? Blog it out, girlies!

--Amanda Vinci


5/8/2009 10:14:00 AM