I'm Popular And Nice...But Guys Don't Like Me!

I go to boy/girl parties and dances a lot. I’m popular and nice, but no boys seem to like me or want to slow-dance with me! If I tell a guy I like him, he always says, “Ew, I don’t like you.”
Why don’t boys ever go out with girls like me?

First of all, could you be exaggerating a tad? I can’t imagine any guy would react like that. If so, “Ew! He is totally obnoxious!” Don’t worry about him. Cut yourself some slack. Could the boys you approach be nervous? School dances are weird like that. Even the most social guys and girls get a little freaked at these gigs – even if they don’t seem to be breaking a sweat. I bet even the girls who slow-dance to every song are shakin’ in their shoes.

Instead of lingering on the sidelines, get in there! Chat and laugh it up with some cute guys early in the evening – they should be a little more footloose when the disco ball starts spinning. Or invite that cutie to groove with you and your friends. Just relax and have fun. Don’t put pressure on yourself or him. Dances should be fun – so have some!

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5/14/2009 7:00:00 AM