Turn off the tube and get out there!

Everyone’s trying to get in shape for the fab summer of ’09 and an awesome way to do that is turning off the TV! Earth Day is over but that doesn’t mean that we should forget about conserving energy for Momma Earth. Here at Girls’ Life we discovered all the fun things you can do when you’re not watching TV!

Since the temp is really warming up, I’ve checked out some super-fun outdoor activities, like hiking and biking, and for the chilly days and nights, we’ve tested out some of the of the coolest games you can play inside, all while keeping that TV off! So go ahead and check ‘em out!

If you’ve never heard of Cranium, you’ve got to try it out! My family loves this game so much that they bring it out at EVERY gathering! It’s super fun because there’s something for everyone—brainiacs to diva singers and budding artists alike will love this game. Play on teams and get the whole house going!
Bored on the weekend? Get fam or friends together for a nature hike. If you’re going for the day, pack a picnic lunch of good-for-you foods, and you can eat under the cool trees. Look for new animals, plants, and other really cool things throughout your hike. Hiking is good for the body too, so grab a group and head out!

When the TV’s off, it’s fun to turn to classic games, like Monopoly. If your fam is really competitive (like mine!), this game might be a challenge. It always turns into a never ending cut-throat five hour challenge, but if your peeps are more chill, this game is perf!

Grab your girls and hop on your bikes. It’s super eco friendly because it won’t waste any money, won’t put out any harmful fumes, and an added bonus? It’s great exercise! The great thing about bike riding is that you can go fast enough to feel the wind so you’ll hardly notice that you’ve worked up a sweat! Also, it’s much faster to get around than walking.
I was recently introduced to the game Apples to Apples and immediately fell in love! It’s hilarious and gets the entire crowd chattin’ up a storm. You can play with as many people as you want because there are tons of cards. Each player has a couple of cards with nouns on them, and each round, one person picks a card with an adjective on it. They read the card aloud and everyone throws out a noun card they think is funny or describes the adjective well. It’s loads of fun!
You can stop by the lib and pick up a book about yoga, then take it to your fave grassy spot (put a towel down first!). You and your besties can relax, exercise and enjoy nature at the same time! Yoga is really awesome for the body and is amazing for the mind at the same time. After a day of outdoor yoga you’ll feel like a brand new you.

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by Ashley Barrett | 2/1/2016