Ask Lucky: My BFF Has Bad B.O.

My BFF has body odor. Do I tell her? She’d be embarrassed if she heard it elsewhere.

Yikes. Sometimes the truth hurts but, when it’s your friend, you have to be honest. If you had a big piece of spinach stuck to your front tooth, you’d want her to tell you, right?

Buy some deodorant at the drugstore, and encourage her to try “this great new deodorant that doesn’t leave shirt stains.” If she doesn’t take the bait, it’s time for a heart-to-heart. Let her know that, because you don’t want people talking behind her back, you have to tell her something that might hurt her feelings. Then explain that she doesn’t smell so fresh and might want to switch to a new deodorant.

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5/26/2009 7:00:00 AM